Buying a Photo

In most of my photographs there are five or more layers, as I view the entire roll of film as my canvas; the final print sizes vary depending on which cuts I make on the negative strip. The size can vary anywhere from one frame – to an entire 36-frame 35 mm roll. Pricing of prints is unique due to these variations.​


All multiple exposure photographs from the series city EXPOSED by Hammermania are approved and signed by the artist.















Since the images are shot on film, they are ideally intended to be printed the old-fashioned way using the negative and printed by a human. (I refer to these as "fine art prints.") The photos are also meant to be viewed at sizes over 20” x 30”. When those two are optimized, the images allow for the ultimate viewing experience.


These hand-printed photographs are printed directly from the negative. The finished product very closely resembles the original image as captured on the negative. Any adjustment is limited to traditional darkroom techniques such as dodging, burning, and color correction. Each print is hand printed and therefore costs more and looks the best.


Before now I was hesitant to print my images digitally because I didn’t want to deviate from my original artistic vision. However, due to advancements in digital printing and scanning, instead of using the negative to print, I can now scan the negative and send that digital file to a printer. This is the least expensive option.


All images are multiply exposed on film in the camera - there is no digital manipulation. Click on photo to see its full image.

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